Guilty Pleasures: The End Of Summer Official Soundtrack

In Sounds on 11 September 2011 at 14:48

It is time to face the fact: summer is slowly fading away. Days are getting shorter, evening air a bit more chilly. Shop windows already display wide range of trench coats choices instead of translucent dresses. Autumn will finally take over, there is no doubt about it, but until then, let’s celebrate last days of this year’s summer: warm sunsets, memories of sand under our feet and the art of joyful, nonchalant waste of time. Let’s chill out and not think too much for a while.

Tall Ships, Chemistry

The almost-title track of Tall Ships’ debut EP There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here released in 2010 opens up with a brilliant guitar intro, impossibly stretched in time. Playful waiting game takes over the first half of the song, suddenly shearing off in the middle only to restart with a surprisingly different approach. Witty entertainment becomes helplessness with a sentimental twist, while lyrics loop into a thickening spell made of haze and blur. This track has everything a decent indie tune should include: a catchy phrase, some nice guitars and just enough of a breezy noise in the background to make the whole sound interesting.

Ben Howard, Old Pine

Ben is a ridiculously young guy from UK who is just about to release his first full length album. It is a bit of a shame though, he is taking the easy path, definitely more pop than folk on his debut record, while his EP Old Pine seemed more promising. There is nothing raw or harsh about his songs anymore: the sound is incredibly mellow and polished. It is not hard to imagine him taking over the charts with a set of unbearably nice melodies and pretty harmonies. On the other hand, being his age, it is fair to say he has a lot of time to grow into more demanding, alternative folk. Nevertheless, Old Pine remains a very pleasant track, suited perfectly for few last summer afternoons with its positivity and warm vibes. The extended intro of this particular version below also compliments the beautifully made video.

Thomas Dybdahl, Damn Heart

Damn Heart was originally written especially for a Danish movie En Soap and released in 2006 on Copenhagen Records as part of the soundtrack. The man responsible for this marvellous song is a Norwegian singer songwriter Thomas Dybdahl, the owner of one of the most unique male voices I have heard in a while. It melts and dissolves, leaving a rich taste of sweetness behind. Imagine a cup of ginger tea with honey, a glass of quality red wine that completes the perfect dinner. Sophisticated intimacy is what best describes Damn Heart. Hold on for a moment: this is the very last look we take over our shoulders before leaving the summer behind for good and walking into the alleys paved with golden leaves.

These songs are not supposed to blow your mind. These are summer tracks: bright, pretty, maybe a bit melancholic sometimes. Pleasant and comfortable is how you should feel while listening to it. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the summer treat. My personal September guilty pleasures. Enjoy.


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